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BNP Paribas Real Estate’s commitment to an ambitious corporate social responsibility strategy


From 30th May to 5th June, BNP Paribas Real Estate ran a programme of events dedicated to our staff in Paris as part of the European Sustainable Development Week.

Working towards an environmentally sustainable industry

Being conscious of the challenge and importance of creating an ambitious and actionable CSR strategy, we decided to consult our stakeholders (both internal and external) to identify the key issues that can make the industry leap forward. We came out of this process with a list of key objectives to ensure a sustainable future for our business and create a positive impact on society. We are excited to share with you our collective vision for the future, driven by best practices and a culture of responsibility and integrity, and most importantly, aligned with the needs and priorities of our clients, partners, and employees. Following the 28 issues that we deemed the most important by our stakeholders, we were able to establish 12 CSR commitments that we will aim to achieve by 2020. Find the full list here. 

Building and maintaining structures that are safe for people and the environment is one of the most important issues of CSR in the real estate industry. BNP Paribas Real Estate understands how high the stakes are, and how this issue must be a central part of our corporate strategy. We know that ensuring the wellbeing of our stakeholders and the occupiers of our buildings is the safest way to sustain and grow our business; and this understanding has allowed us to become a leader of the industry for sustainability. As such, we are focusing on reducing the environmental impact of our real estate activities and to make environmental quality a lever of tangible and intangible performance improvement.

As Catherine Papillon, Global Head of Sustainability and CSR at BNP Paribas Real Estate explains, “We are convinced that CSR is, beyond an opportunity to create a positive impact, a powerful lever for innovation and performance for our clients, partners and employees.”

  • The Green Site Charter

Implemented across our property development construction sites worldwide, this charter helps us reduce our environmental impact (pollution and adverse effects); optimise site waste management (systematic waste sorting, recycling and inspection); ensure both residents and site staff are kept informed; and make sure that all necessary resources are employed to this end.

Innovating every day to shape the future of the industry

We know every one of our decisions contributes to the future of our industry, and we are committed to building innovative products and service offers, along with our clients and partners, in an ethical and responsible manner.

  • Including sustainability factors in town planning and building construction and management

BNP Paribas Real Estate has created over a million square metres of offices worldwide passing the High Environmental Quality certification for tertiary buildings from Certivéa. This continuous quest for the best environmental quality means these properties meet the requirements of investors and building occupiers, in both environmental and financial terms.

In our Residential Real Estate line of business, we have built over 7,500 units certified or on the way to being certified, included 5000 with the BBC level - Low Energy Building– as an early application of the performance levels of the new thermal regulation RT 2012.

  • Green Investment Solutions

For the NEIF (Next Estate Income Fund), focused on sustainable development, BNP Paribas Real Estate Investment Services has created a pan-European portfolio of high environmental quality offices amounting to almost €300 million.

  • Guaranteeing totally transparent ethics and governance

We know that a transparent and accountable business structure is the key to an innovative and well-functioning company. Therefore, to guarantee compliance with market best practices, we have implemented a hierarchical reporting system within the business lines and operational reporting at a Group level. Compliance establishes rules and procedures in line with the law as well as with the ethical standards we impose on ourselves. This, in turn ensures that our internal stakeholders can accomplish their duties efficiently and serenely.

Creating an environment where every employee can thrive

We have a deep understanding of the importance of providing a healthy, flexible and innovative work environment that enhances the well-being of our employees.

  •  Promoting diversity, equal opportunities and employability of our teams

We know that a diverse team is a great asset for an international company like ours, so we decided to make a conscious effort to promote diversity in our own recruitment procedures. Furthermore, we understand that diversity means allowing people to bring their differences to the office and let it enrich and change the culture. Therefore, we train employees to leverage diversity and thereby facilitate teamwork.

We also acknowledge that talent everywhere deserves to be encouraged, so we subsidise accommodation for deserving young grant-winning students and support them as they enter the workforce, and we have implemented a Women in Leadership programme to help women scale the corporate ladder.

  • Ensuring a fair remuneration system based on performance

BNP Paribas Real Estate recognises the value of individual performance and rewards it in various ways: individual pay rises, bonus payments, variable objective-related remuneration, etc. The value of collective performance is also recognised and rewarded by profit-sharing and bonus payments that relate to company performance. Within BNP Paribas Real Estate, remuneration is transparent: employees are provided with all the necessary information to understand each component of their remuneration.

Finally, we encourage all our employees to develop their entrepreneurial spirit by rewarding those who innovate.

Getting involved with the community at large

Having a positive impact also means creating opportunities for innovative, socially driven and sustainable players outside of our direct sphere of influence.

  • Corporate sponsorship initiatives

BNP Paribas Real Estate offers prizes to architecture students for their work on, and consideration of, the influence that lifestyles and sustainability have on architecture. Having the opportunity to present prizes to the new generation allows us both to encourage new talents, and to stay as innovative as we can.

We also make an effort to stay at the heart of developments in the market by participating in events on the future of architecture, and by gathering the thoughts of professionals in the sector on the international stage. Furthermore, we play an active role in the lives of professional associations and federations, national and international working groups.

  •  Supporting charities

We understand the importance of international solidarity and give regularly to several charities worldwide. In addition to our corporate giving, and to give our employees an opportunity to contribute, we participate in charity challenges. This year, BNP Paribas Real Estate is challenging our employees worldwide to gather points by practising physical activities in an initiative called United Heroes. These points will then be transformed into donations to the French Red Cross. It will provide emergency kits for the Red Cross employees, letting them provide assistance worldwide in the event of a natural disaster, health emergency or large population displacement. This will allow the Red cross to provide medical support, water sanitation, or distribute food and hygiene products.

Continually improving our practices

In adopting a true partnership approach, we aim to consistently create value that will be shared with you. In the context of our CSR vision Inspire Real Estate 2020 and our strategic commitments, we are defining new objectives and action plans, that we will report and share with you.

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