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Beyond simple transactions

The lines between professional and private spheres are becoming increasingly blurred, and greater flexibility is emerging as a key factor in value creation. It is clear that buildings should maximise occupiers’ performance and well-being. As such, tailoring and organising a building to how users will best work and thrive—primarily through mixed-use building ecosystems—has become an important consideration for real estate portfolio strategies.

Human-centric design and flexibility

Anticipation of market trends is a critical part of developing a real estate portfolio strategy. The value of your assets is ultimately tied to your ability to ensure they accurately match your occupiers’ way-of-life.

Investors in real estate need to understand the constant evolution in how we work and how we use the spaces around us. New working methods are freeing employees from the conventional, individually-allocated desk in favour of the most suitable spaces for precise moments or projects. For example, “flexible office” spaces favour employees’ various activities throughout the day, from individual work to team meetings and relaxation. Buildings are tailored to make employees feel comfortable and embody the company’s full scope of values. These mixed, user-friendly spaces help attract the best talent by balancing personal and professional life through à la carte services like gyms, dry cleaning, massage, childcare and more.

Best-in-class solutions for your real estate strategy

Whether you are looking for your company’s next headquarters, selling your commercial property, or expanding your property portfolio, BNP Paribas Real Estate is on hand to provide you with a full range of personalised solutions across Europe to help you achieve your goal.

Our specialised transaction teams in more than 24 countries will match their market knowledge with your project requirements. We offer the highest level of property solutions and opportunities. We are adaptable, and advise you on international strategy with unmatched local knowledge throughout the lifecycle of your portfolio.

Key figures

  • €27.7bn
    in commercial real estate investment transacted*
  • 5.7m
    sq. m of commercial real estate provided for users*

*2022 figures

A local partner throughout your transaction lifecycle

As your trusted advisor throughout the entire real estate transaction process, we always start by carefully assessing your needs to find opportunities that best match your strategic objectives, in order to guide you on the right property to buy, sell or let. This is done in close contact with our local experts who are supported by our global Research department with precise market-specific information, forecasts and research analysis in order to help with decision-making.

Your transaction may be part of a much larger pan-European or global strategy, and for this our International Investment Group (IIG) has the capacity to support your cross-border investment projects.

Our highlighted transactions

  • Highlight Towers in Munich, Germany

BNP Paribas Real Estate teams advised on Commerz Real’s purchase of the Highlight Towers in Munich, Germany, from KanAm Group. The 86,000 sqm complex, built in 2004, is one of the largest office buildings in the city and consists of a 7-storey hotel, a 5-storey office structure, and two office towers of 33 and 28 stories.



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  • 10 South Colonnade Building, Canary Wharf, London, United Kingdom

BNP Paribas Real Estate advised the British Government Property Unit on suitable sites for their East London Office Hub. 10 South Colonnade Building was the most suitable and cost effective choice. This was the largest office deal in Central London since 2013, helping the Government property unit take the entire building to create a 50,354 sq m government hub in Canary Wharf.


10 South Colonnade Building, Canary Wharf