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Our approach to research

Our approach to research

BNP Paribas Real Estate’s Global Research team produces market analysis and insights that drive value. From finding key market information to forecasting, our market insights and research analysis help you make strategic decisions for the full real estate life cycle, from property management, investment management, and property development, to transaction, consulting and valuation.

The full property market perspective

At BNP Paribas Real Estate, over 50 real estate experts are dedicated to research across Europe. They provide clients with both Pan-European and local market analysis for the countries in which we operate and have alliances.

Market analysis

We produce global and local reports on market overviews, especially pertaining to take-up, supply, rents, vacancy rates, investment volume, prime yields.

Our highly experienced analysts provide market intelligence based on their in-depth knowledge of local real estate markets. They work locally on tailor-made analyses and advice and collaborate with the BNP Paribas Real Estate business lines. The International Research team then aggregates local analysis to deliver a pan-European perspective of the property market.


Market forecasts

We provide real estate forecasting for occupier and investment markets, combining local real estate knowledge and BNP Paribas economists’ macroeconomic forecasting expertise.

Database management

We collect, buy and validate real estate information using our strong advisory and investment network.

Investment management analysis

Our investment management research analysis combines the expertise of our economists and investment management research analysts located across Europe. Together they develop risk/return analysis and provide you with strategic advice based on their acute understanding of past and future real estate developments.

Read the full range of our pan-European market reports and local market reports on our website.

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