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How do we stay united after lockdown?

A recent Ifop study for BNP Paribas Real Estate published in April 2020 reveals that 65% of French people are increasingly choosing to shop locally and in independent shops. 94% of respondents who have bought…


Life after lockdown: what will our cities look like?

The Covid-19 virus which struck the world at the end of 2019 is a rare occurrence. A pandemic so significant that whole countries, economies and populations have been shut down.


New Decade in Europe

By 2030 there will be an additional 1.2 billion people in the world with significant regional and country disparities. Equally significant is the general population is living and working longer. The fastest growing segment of the population will be those…


How will the head office and its power of centralisation be perceived after the health crisis?

Opinion piece: Sylvain Hasse

The health crisis has raised many question regarding the head office and its role as a central and symbolic entity. It has highlighted ways of working differently, thanks in a…

Sylvain Hasse

[COVID 19] Property Management: how to manage a building on stand-by?

The first announcement for a country wide lockdown in Europe came on 9th March in Italy. Countries across the continent followed suit, with Spain, France, Belgium and the UK being amongst many to ask people to…


[COVID-19] Remote working: Will it become the new norm?

Although working from home has been increasingly successful in recent years, its adoption has been gradual, as new technology has made it possible to work more efficiently from a distance


Covid-19 Report May 2020

Following the Codid-19 outbreak which has spread across the world, numerous European countries are ready to ease lockdown restrictions. However, the process for re-opening sectors will be gradual and downside risks to growth outlook are still there. In…

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