Real Estate for a changing world

Integrated value creation

Integrated value creation

Value creation is measured by the conversion or transformation of resources (initial value stocks) into results (generated values) and its positive impacts for civil society (SDG).
  • Financial

- Capital provided by investors
- Capital provided by the Bank
- Self-financing capacity

  • Industrial and intellectual

- Innovations
- Certification and labeling processes
- A research department
- A European network

  • Human

- Trained and involved employees
- Internal mobility
- Flexible work organization
- Social collective agreements

  • Environmental

- Use of natural resources
- Circular economy
- Soil and air management

  • Social and relational

- Open and constructive dialogue with stakeholders
- Membership in networks promoting the Sustainable City

Our Growth Model

  • Design and develop innovative, responsible and profitable real estate products and services
  • Attract and mobilize talent and retain business partners
  • Organize efficient management processes and tools
  • Design, manage, market and manage real estate products and services in an ethical and responsible manner
  • Manage the life cycle of real estate projects
  • Build and maintain partnerships

Our impact on our stakeholders

  • Internal partners

- A social and well-being framework
- Support for career paths and skills development
- An open and honest customer relationship

  • Business partners

- Innovative and responsible solutions that take into account the environment and the various stakeholders
- Maximization of asset value
- Transparent communication
- Support for an ecosystem of start-ups and entrepreneurs proposing solutions for the construction of the sustainable city

  • Market regulators

- A scrupulous respect of laws, regulations and commitments
- A citizen contribution with the payment of taxes

  • Societal Influencers

- An open partnership relationship with society
- A direct contribution to local development

Our impact on society

BNP Paribas Real Estate is involved in the entire life cycle of a property. It is our responsibility to influence the way buildings are designed, built and occupied in order to contribute to the construction of a sustainable and inclusive city. Our CSR strategy contributes fully to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. It covers issues related to economic growth, the inclusion of the most vulnerable and the preservation of resources.

  • Strategic SDGs

They are integrated into the current and future offer

Strategic SDG 11


Strategic SDG 3


Strategic SDG 7


Strategic SDG 9


Strategic SDG 12


Strategic SDG 13


Strategic SDG 15


  • Relevant SDGs

Other SDGs defined by the “Inspire Real Estate” strategy

Relevant SDG 8


Relevant SDG 4


Relevant SDG 5


Relevant SDG 6


Relevant SDG 16


Relevant SDG 17