Real Estate for a changing world


Determining your real estate asset’s value

Valuation is all about the underlying factors, and while ‘location, location, location’ is still true to this day, the advance of digital applications to real estate is adding a great deal of new important factors into the mix. When combined with the right advice, more factors and more data mean more knowledge over an asset’s value.

The digital transformation of valuation

What value does a real estate asset have? After the structure itself and the land it stands on, the greatest source of a building’s value is the degree to which it meets the needs of its current occupiers and end-users. This match can be measured and analysed. The ever-growing amount of data available enables in depth and accurate valuation making valuation a strategic part of business.

In the past, the data market was mainly used to set numerical values, whereas now each piece of data will have its importance in the customer’s choice: vacancy rates, average rents, take-up, average capital value, crime rates, sunshine rates, local voting patterns, road traffic or air quality. By using and analysing this information, our valuers can better determine your asset’s value and thereby reduce risks and guide business decisions.

The digital value of a building – a new guiding factor

Advances in digital technology are resulting in new uses for our buildings. The ways in which we use our offices and homes are changing, directly impacting value. Working or living environments that are outdated immediately have less appeal, and therefore less value. The move to smart, mobile-friendly, and responsible use of spaces, is fuelled by data-driven design and creates a ‘digital value’ for building that can be harnessed for success.

Extracting the real value of your assets

As an investor, occupier or bank, you need to regularly value your real estate portfolio and its potential. Our team of 200 valuers is there for you at every stage of your assets’ valuation cycle, from preparing an acquisition or sale to assessing collateral for loans, and measuring return on investment.

Valuation based on valued intelligence

Accurate valuation depends on precise up-to-date knowledge of real estate markets and local dynamics in Europe. Our research team studies the societal, legal or economic issues that may affect the value of assets. Reliable and qualitative data is collected thanks to a strong international network, and then analysed using advanced processing methods, with specific valuation techniques assigned for each asset type.

Our experts are regularly trained to stay up-to-date on the latest market trends and offer the best valuation possible.

Jean-Claude Dubois
Executive Chairman Valuation

Experts in domain and location

Valuations are based on appraisals of your property, its location and its positioning in the market. Our network of experts are specialised across a full range of asset types—offices, retail, logistics, hotels, residential—and geographical regions, giving us a complete overview of real estate. Our presence throughout Europe allows us to accompany you with great reactivity, regardless of the number, diversity and location of the assets being appraised.

Key figures

  • €500bn
    worth of assets valued in 2022
  • 72,980
    valuations in 2022
  • 283bn
    sqm valuations in 2022

Complying with the highest standards and ethics

At BNP Paribas Real Estate, we take pride in knowing that the valuation services we offer comply with high ethical standards. The exacting methods used by our experienced teams are exercised in accordance to the strictest international standards.

We work to ensure transparency with regards to our ethics and respect our clients confidentiality. We assure entire independence in our management of your projects. In addition, we have international RICS and TeGoVa certifications.

Find out more about the exacting standards we uphold on the valuation site.