Real Estate for a changing world

Real Catch Up

Real Catch Up

The pressing need to change how we consume, move and way of life means that we are rethinking the idea of the city of tomorrow and as such the real estate sector.

This vision, whilst futuristic is committed to revitalising our urban spaces, bringing back nature into our cities, using renewable energies, reusing materials, travelling differently and investing in real estate. All contributing factors to creating our new urban environments.

Welcome to Real Catch Up!

Thanks to the ideas and visions shared by our experts, you’ll join us as we discover how our urban spaces are being transformed and the experiences and investments that are part of this change.

The Real Catch Up podcast from BNP Paribas Real Estate provides you with a vision of what the real estate world of tomorrow might look like. Let’s find out together what the biggest trends shaping our cities are, through inspiring interviews from actors from across the sector.

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  • podcast episode 1
    The history of buildings must not be forgotten
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  • podcast episode 2
    Building reversibly and optimising square metres
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  • podcast episode 3
    Building differently: the drive for a circular economy approach
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  • Podcast episode 4
    Why will designing with more biodiversity be beneficial to the real estate sector?
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  • Episode 5
    Sustainable real estate investment, what’s the benefit?
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  • Episode 6
    Rethinking urban transportation through the prism of new uses
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  • episode 7 podcast
    The changing landscape of real estate investment
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  • Episode 8 podcast
    What is the e-office?
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    Episode 9

    What are the investment trends in real estate in 2022?

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  • Episode 10
    Episode 10

    Integrating urban logistics into our cities

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