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Coworking spaces in Germany - Development and outlook


Changes in the world of work

The Sharing Economy has set a splitting process to work in many sectors: Airbnb in the hotel industry, Uber in the taxi companies, Zipcar in car rental business and Wework in the office space market. The coworking space operators are on the rise worldwide.

What first appeared in Denmark in 2002 under the name "LYNfabrikken" and still had the character of a coffee shop was continued in Berlin in 2009 and was called "Betahouse". Both office concepts can now be characterised as coworking spaces and have been on a steep development path in recent years.

The reason for the unprecedented growth of the sector, which has developed almost exponentially in Germany over the past three years, is above all the comprehensive change in the world of work and the significant growth of the start-up sectors.

The possible future of this sharing concept can already be observed now. WeWork has launched WeLive and WeGrow in the USA. A housing project with concierge and housekeeping as well as a project for the care and training of adolescents. However, it remains to be seen to what extent this idea of sharing, which spans private life, will gain a foothold in Germany as well.



Coworking spaces in Germany - Development and outlook
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