Your onboarding


Onboarding at BNPPRE




Select the job offer that interests you, upload your CV and your cover letter, then submit your application. For some countries, you can apply through:

  linkedin-bnppre glassdoor-bnppre



If your application is successful, you will be called for a phone interview and invited to meet our recruitment and operational staff.




You will be invited for an interiew with a member of our Human Ressources team or a member of our operational staff. Depending on the job you are
applying for, we may ask you to take tests to measure your technical abilities.If your first interview goes well, you will be asked back for a second interview.





You are now part of BNP Paribas Real Estate’s teams. Congratulations! Once you accept our offer, we draw up an employement contract for you.

You are invited to attend an integration seminar to find your feet within the company. After six months or a year, your integration is validated and career development procedures implemented.
You are invited to give your feedback on your onboarding experience.
Our recruitment process approach
We ensure a transparent recruitment process. Our approach is led by three major drivers: objectivity, transparency and respect towards candidates.
At BNP Paribas, we make recruiting an enjoyable experience. A moment of discussion and true exchange in which our applicants are never judged, but evaluated based on their skills. We also pay attention to keeping the decision making process quick and efficient: we commit to conducting a maximum of 3 interviews, within a timeframe of two months length to complete the entire process (on average).
Feedback is part of our DNA, and we commit to providing general feedback on the recruitment interview to each applicant who requests it and we encourage him/her to leave a review on Glassdoor.


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