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Property Management sets a new standard


With users expecting more and more expert advice from Property Management professionals, Property Management has decided to use technological tools to define a new system of reference.

The development of a new reference system by the Property Management sector in real estate is a way to make effective use of data and digital tools, in order to ultimately bring more added value to end users. “In 2020, the Association of Property Managers (Aproma) commissioned Akeance Consulting to gather the expectations of its clients," explains Csongor Csukas, President of Aproma and Head of International Property Management at BNP Paribas Real Estate. “The results reinforced our belief that we need to better structure data in order to act more as advisors than executors, while still performing core tasks efficiently. The profession was then able to prove its greater maturity by launching the development of a common and interoperable reference system."


We need to better structure data in order to act more as advisors than executors, while still performing core tasks efficiently

Csongor Csukas
Head of International Property Management at BNP Paribas Real Estate

An approach centred on use cases

Accompanied by Artimon, Aproma began by setting up the framework, "We did not seek to create an exhaustive framework but to classify the essential data in use cases that bring the most value to property, asset and facility managers", explains Marie Zaiter, Managing Director of Nexity Property Management. No fewer than five have been identified to date: multi-year work plans, reporting of expenses, data-room data, ESG data and visit sheets for the better management of buildings. “We are in the process of finalising the first case, that of the multi-year work plan," explains Magali Michel, Managing Director of BNP Paribas Real Estate Property Management France. “We will be carrying out tests in the coming weeks to be able to deploy it in autumn 2021. "

Aproma has in fact opted for a co-construction approach based on an agile method. What’s more, the association is a firm believer in reusing certain ideas that have proved their worth. For example, it is able to draw inspiration from the work of the Observatoire de l'immobilier durable (OID) for the use case dedicated to sustainable development. Last but not least, "We are checking that each use case can be integrated automatically by all existing technology platforms," stresses Sébastien Durand, Managing Director of Nexity Solutions Digitales and Head of Innovation and Transformation at Nexity Property Management. This is all for good reason as this universal attitude is part of the DNA of the new framework.

A benchmark that goes beyond the boundaries of Property Management

Aproma intends to bring value to Property Managers, whatever their size. “By opting for interoperability and applying the same standards to all, we are able to create horizontal synergies," says Paul-André Pelloux, Chairman of Septime and Vice-Chairman of Aproma. The next challenge will be to get Facility Managers and Asset Managers on board. Christian Bertrand, Director of the tertiary sector at Esset Property Management, adds: "If the productivity gains made possible by the standard are achieved, we will be able to convince all the stakeholders in the building's life cycle. 

Asset Managers could quickly be won over by a full-scale test involving the exchange of several real estate assets between different Property Managers. BNP Paribas Real Estate Property Management and Nexity Property Management are pushing for this. The prospects also include the addition of new use cases, provided that they create value for the profession. "We are going to maintain the reference system on an ongoing basis in order to take into account the various changes that will affect it in the years to come," concludes Csongor Csukas. Property management is well and truly entering a new era