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Consumer habits are evolving with increasing online shopping purchases. In 2017, nearly 9% of total European retail sales were done online.

Online shopping continues to grow and become more and more part of people's everyday lives. The highest rates observed during 2017 were in the UK and in the Nordics.

However, according to the latest report published this year by l’Observatoire Cetelem I like shopping, Europeans and especially Millenials (18-34 years old) still like visiting stores: 74% of European Millennials enjoy going to big shopping centres with the highest proportion recorded in Romania (87%), Portugal (84%) and Spain (83%). They also enjoy visiting local shops (70%) and large specialist stores (69%).

Product experience remains key for all European consumers. They keep buying in physical stores because they like seeing and touching products (83%). They also appreciate taking their purchases home easily and trying products (79%).Online purchasing depends also on category of products. In Europe, food and drinks are essentially bought in physical stores. Conversely, 16% of European Millennials purchase their cultural products exclusively online. For some other categories like sports/leisure equipment or clothes/shoes, around one in two European people buy both online and in shops.

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Tourism In European Cities

The latest figures published by Mastercard in 2018 show London and Paris remain by far the two European cities that attract the most international visitors in Europe.

London, ranked second in the world, attracting 19.8 million international visitors in 2017 and will likely increase by 3% in 2018. Paris leads in Europe in terms of overnight visitor expenditure, with tourists spending €263 per day on average.

With three cities in the European ranking (Milan, Rome and Venice), Italy is also a magnet for international tourism.

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