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Overview of BNP Paribas REIM’s 2018 European CSR Report


BNP Paribas REIM has released its CSR report for the fifth consecutive year and, for the first time, on a Europe-wide scale.

2018 European CSR report: Greater transparency and value creation for all stakeholders

The first Europe-wide report on the BNP Paribas REIM business demonstrates our commitment to CSR in all that we do…

Read the BNP Paribas REIM CSR report here.


The expertise acquired since we first implemented our CSR approach in 2013 leads us to new objectives for the years to come, both in terms of asset management and responsible investments and on a European scale. Our aim is to cope with sector risks while contributing to a better environment and society in a dynamic world.

Barbara Knoflach

Progress on CSR themes

As a major player in international real estate, we are fully aware of market demands around environmental, social and governance issues, and are working to incorporate these into our business. This is why we’ve created our 2018 CSR report in order to provide clear objectives to our business and transparent evidence of our intentions to our clients.

What’s included in the 2018 CSR report?

As well as a thorough review of our governance framework, our corporate values and our CSR charter, we have outlined our key responsibilities.

The focus is on BNP Paribas REIM’s economic environmental and civic responsibilities, as well as our commitment to our staff and internal culture.

In each country that we are present in, we are working on these responsibilities, for example by engaging in charitable initiatives and focusing on corporate solidarity.


BNP Paribas REIM Germany is mindful of the need to incorporate societal issues into our business and is working on developing responsible asset management action plans.


Economic responsibilities: what does it mean for assets?

We are expanding our responsible commitment to our suppliers, as we aim to establish a climate of trust as well as good management of their ethical and social performance to help protect stakeholders, the environment, and business affairs.

It is therefore the satisfaction of our clients that remains at the heart of our economic responsibilities. That is why we have defined a Best Execution & Best Selection policy to guarantee our clients the best execution and transactions on financial instruments or the best selection of intermediaries to execute these transactions.


The use of energy-efficient tools in our assets and the creation of a working environment that can contribute to well-being enables us to reduce our operating costs in the interest of our investors, customers, and employees.


Commitment to the environment

In Europe, real estate makes up 39% of total energy consumption. To mitigate this, the European Union is encouraging a 20% reduction in energy consumption of buildings by 2020. It is essential to our CSR strategy that we make every possible effort to meet this target by making sure the construction and renovation of our buildings takes energy efficiency into account.

To do that, we and our service providers are promoting clean transport, reducing energy consumption in our managed buildings, using selective sorting, systematically removing asbestos and certifying our assets.

A plan to improve energy efficiency…

To improve the energy efficiency of our assets, BNP Paribas REIM France has set itself the goal of modernising 66% of its buildings. To reiterate this intention, we signed the ‘Charte pour l’Efficacité Energétique implemented by the Ministère de la Transition Ecologique in France, a new regulation set out to make businesses more conscious of their carbon footprint.

We have also challenged ourselves to increase the number of certified and labelled buildings, with the goal of achieving 100% certification or labelling on our major refurbishment projects.

Our latest CSR report also sets out our ambition to measure the energy efficiency of 100% of our assets by 2020. We are continuing to work with start-up DEEPKI to measure and report on our energy data.  

… and reduce pollution on construction sites

Another important aspect of our environmental policy is to reduce pollution on all our sites. We are committed to identifying 100% of potentially polluted sites and to eliminate R22.

Thanks to the gradual implementation of pollution audits across our holdings, we are already well on our way to achieving this. We are also working to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases by replacing all oil-fired equipment by 2020.

Finally, we are encouraging our occupants to become environmentally responsible themselves through our commitment to install bike parks at 50% of our assets by 2020, while also continuing to ensure that our buildings are accessible to People with Reduced Mobility.


By integrating CSR into our activities, we guarantee the transparency of our practices and meet the requirements of the market.


CSR commitment to our employees

BNP Paribas Real Estate is dedicated to facilitating a hospitable working culture for employees, meaning we are also driven by this organisational goal. We are committed to offering solutions to ensure the health and well-being of 100% of our staff by 2020.

Improving the physical working environment…

Our commitment to our employees starts with the working environment. As well as working to reduce pollution and noise in our offices, while still allowing as much natural light as possible, BNP Paribas Real Estate is encouraging more people to telecommute (work from home) after a successful pilot scheme in 2015.

BNP Paribas Real Estate is also expanding the maternity leave commitment. Starting from the third month of pregnancy, employees can work a reduced daily schedule. We are also encouraging more fathers to take paternity leave – in 2017, 100% of new fathers took their paternity leave at BNP Paribas Real Estate. Finally, when employees return to work, we make sure to reserve spaces in child care facilities near our offices to them.


… and employees’ working culture

In a bid to improve staff retention, we are continually updating the way we train our staff. Regular meetings with staff, the introduction of new collective training schemes and our encouraging staff to join professional societies are all part of this ambition. As an example of the take up of such an initiative, last year BNP Paribas REIM France staff had an average of 20 hours’ training.

Finally, we continue our commitment to equality and diversity in the workplace. We are dedicating ourselves to employing, integrating and developing the careers of a balanced mix of people of all genders, ages, ethnic backgrounds and family statuses. We also taking steps to ensure that our employees are selected and promoted on their skills, professional experience and qualifications. By diversifying our work force we diversify the number of ideas, the range of ethics and the positive reputation of BNP Paribas REIM.

One of the major manifestations of our diversity policy is our commitment to ensure gender pay parity and equal progression opportunities. We have already made great strides in France, where 48% of executives are women and the board is made up of two men and two women.

Read the full 2018 CSR report

For the complete picture of our CSR activity in 2017 and to learn more about the targets we strive to achieve by 2020.

Read the BNP Paribas REIM CSR report here.

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