Real Estate for a changing world

ECONOMIC RESPONSIBILITY: Sustainable products and services

Offering economically viable products and services with ESG criteria

BNP Paribas Real Estate aims to meet the expectations of customers and our company with products and services that are economically, environmentally and socially sustainable and that anticipate future needs, thanks in particular to a culture of innovation

Key figures

  • 100%
    Certified completed m2
  • 89%
    Assets Art 8&9 open to investors / Total Open


- To evolve our product and service offering to meet current and future market needs to maximize customer satisfaction
- Fostering a culture of innovation to better identify and seize new market opportunities
- Improve our operational excellence and performance by delivering functional, effective and accountable products and services


CSR performance of our products and services

- Identify “Quick wins” actions to improve the CSR performance of our products and services;
- To identify and promote the components of an offer that creates value (tangible and intangible) for the consumer and to measure performance.

  • BNP Paribas REIM

In 2020, BNP Paribas Real Estate Investment Management set out a roadmap to achieve three goals by 2025:
- Reducing CO2 emissions: optimizing the energy consumption of assets by giving priority to reducing CO2 emissions, all while finely steering the collection of energy consumption and supporting tenants in the implementation of good practices;
- Managing assets responsibly: improving the comfort and well-being of tenants by ensuring accessibility for people with reduced mobility and, as far as possible, ensuring sustainable means of mobility nearby (public transport, bicycle parks, etc.);
- Raising awareness among our stakeholders to achieve positive change: raising awareness among all partners by involving them in the definition of the different ESG strategies and jointly developing a roadmap to monitor the performance indicators of the fund and the relevant real estate assets.

  • BNP Paribas Real Estate Asset Management

BNP Paribas Real Estate Asset Management launched its Global Sustainability Strategy in 2019 that puts sustainability at the heart of its investment philosophy to better manage long-term risk and create value for customers and society.

Culture of innovation

- Promote/communicate internally and externally innovations in line with our sustainable development commitments (define means and channels)

Operational Excellence

- Raise awareness and support our customers with suitable offers and products, for efficient use (investors and occupants)
- Provide appropriate solutions

A woman with short blond hair wearing a colorful sweater.

Thanks to a flexible design, the change of use of a reversible building will take place very simply and without the need to intervene on the main work, which greatly reduces the carbon footprint of the building. In addition, the mix of uses at different times of the day offers a maximization of the spaces of the building.

Carole de Matharel
Deputy Director General Development Promotion Major Mixed Projects

CSR performance of our products and services

- Set up workshops bringing together CSR leaders at European level to draw up reflections and action plans
- Identify and test new technological and digital solutions for more efficient buildings and services (smart connectivity)
- Identify products and offers for health and well-being of occupants (physical accessibility (PMR.), intermodality and transport)

  • CSR framework

BNP Paribas Real Estate has formalized its CSR commitments through various commitment charters, co-built by its CSR/Sustainable Development team and its operational lines of business, particularly in the areas of biodiversity, the circular economy and low carbon. By means of quantified objectives, these charters define the actions of the company on these subjects, whether for its own operation or for the products and services it markets, through buildings constructed, renovated, managed or administered. Each objective and commitment is translated into quantified indicators, updated annually when the company’s reporting is updated.

Culture of innovation

- Building reversible buildings is a way for us to address environmental and societal challenges facing communities while reinventing buildings and creating new neighborhood dynamics
- Promote the agility of buildings by creating more flexible, reversible and even inclusive spaces where possible in order to accommodate a greater hybridization of uses and thus enhance collective, creative and collaborative intelligence (E1)
- BNP Paribas created a start-up acceleration program with Plug & Play three years ago, initially dedicated to FinTech and InsurTech to support the Group’s digital transformation. Since the beginning of this year, the program has expanded to include Smart Cities with BNP Paribas Real Estate and Arval. The objective is to carry out POCs (Proof of Concepts*) or pilots with the Group’s business or functions for three months and, if the results are satisfactory, to go into production (contracting with the start-up). To date, 47 pilots have been made and 36 start-ups accelerated with a conversion rate of 35% (35% of the pilots that went into production with a BNP Paribas trade or function), which is a real success. BNP Paribas Real Estate, since the first season, has been involved in three drivers with three startups: Havr, Giraffe 360 and Envio. (E2)
- BNP Paribas Immobilier anticipates the housing of tomorrow by integrating the main lessons of COVID, among which:

  • Shared outdoor spaces
  • Developing “contactless” through the deployment of connected devices
  • A “telework” pack: new accommodation comes with a hybrid layout including modular multi-purpose furniture designed for telework
  • WIFI for all in partnership with Wififirst, future VEFAs offer occupants free WiFi access for 2 years after delivery

- Renovate buildings to build buildings in the future through building conversion. BNP Paribas Real Estate has set up a unit dedicated to sourcing and surveying outdated tertiary assets. Examples include :

  • Hexagon, a converted office building in London’s Covent Garden. High-quality materials were used to ensure Hexagon’s conversion to its new destination, and the building therefore stands out for its rich architectural design and sumptuous interiors.
  • METAL 57, preserving the history of an iconic building in Boulogne-Billancourt: The new headquarters of BNP Paribas Real Estate, Metal 57, will be distinguished by an architectural and urban design signature that will magnify the original hangars of Claude Vasconi (1984) while designing new inclusive and disruptive workspaces. Since innovation is part of the DNA of BNP Paribas Real Estate, it will be a connected, intelligent, responsible building, perfectly in tune with tomorrow’s uses and excellence in terms of quality of life at work.
  • HORTI, through the acquisition of the buildings by BNP Paribas Real Estate and architect Michele De Lucchi, the buildings are beginning a new chapter in their existence. Converted into seven townhouses and 70 apartments, the buildings have been modernized while leaving their historical structures intact.

Operational Excellence

BNP Paribas REPM has developed a service offering to audit and analyze the energy profile of a real estate asset and propose solutions to improve its environmental performance. Tools and services for real-time monitoring, remote control and maintenance, intelligent planning of interventions, optimization of energy supplies. He realizes:
- strategies to reduce energy consumption, including the implementation of smart technologies
- maintenance of service levels in the implementation of these strategies
- studies to align your assets with current regulations
- Preventive maintenance plans
- reporting
- real-time asset management

In addition to the building audit, BNP Paribas REPM offers access to a global energy market to reduce your costs and limit commitment constraints. The analysis and control of this data is done through our on-site interventions, essential to measure the energy performance and comfort of the occupants, and remotely and in real time to measure the state of the installations and their consumption

BNP Paribas Real Estate launched Now Connected in June 2020 with Now Coworking. It can be deployed in 4 months and includes:

- a feasibility study and a reversibility study: the space is adapted to the use of end-users and to the specificities of the place to create a unique experience.
- the design and layout of the spaces: no standardized layout, clients benefit from office furniture and furnishing elements customizable and manufactured for them in France
- marketing and use of space, with the marketing power of BNP Paribas Real Estate combined with the attractiveness of Now Coworking’s network.


Performance indicators


Responsibility Commitments KPI Entity Unit Perimeter 2016 2020 2021 2022 2023 Target 2025
Economic Sustainable products and services Certified completed m2 CRE Property Development % m² Europe 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Economic Sustainable products and services Completed m2 reaching one of the two highest levels of certification CRE Property Development % m² Europe 100% 100% 100% 97% 100% 100%
Economic Sustainable products and services Certified completed housing units Residential Property Development % Europe 86% 96% 100% 95% 93% 100%
Economic Sustainable products and services Assets Art 8&9 open to investors / Total Open REIM % CSR Panel Europe 2023 KPI 83%  
Economic Sustainable products and services Assets Art 8&9 / Total Assets Under Management REIM % AUM 2023 KPI 39%  
Economic Sustainable products and services Certified buildings under management (m2) REPM % m² Europe 17% 16% 18% 15% 16% 30%
Economic Sustainable products and services Certified buildings under management (number) REPM % number Europe 2022 KPI 11% 14% 30%
Economic Sustainable products and services Accepted carbon footprint offers for buildings with a BMS REPM % number France 2022 KPI 70% 52%