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The Five Strategic Guidelines Underpinning Our Sponsorship Initiatives


True to the BNP Paribas Group's "raison d'être" and our CSR responsibilities, as a corporate citizen we get involved in the regions where we operate and aim to have a positive impact within them. This particularly includes actions that directly or indirectly benefit the local population, their surroundings and the quality of community life.

We focus our sponsorship initiatives within five main areas.

  • Architecture & heritage
  • Education & access to culture
  • Sustainable city & environment 
  • Health & Solidarity
  • Impact through Sport

Architecture & Heritage, Part of BNP Paribas Real Estate’s DNA

Challenges related to architectural quality and preserving heritage are central to BNP Paribas Real Estate's business. 

In this respect, we attach great importance to the quality and aesthetics of our buildings. L’Association des Architectes-Ingénieurs et Ingénieurs-Architectes (AAIIA - Association of Architect-Engineers and Engineer-Architects), which we fund, fosters a cross-disciplinary culture between engineers and architects so that we can design buildings that are better suited to our needs. It has three main focuses:

  • Examining the synergies between the architectural and engineering professions 
  • Encouraging cooperation between construction professionals, encouraging dual expertise
  • Connecting those who have dual training 

We are also keen for our schemes to be architecturally consistent with their surroundings . We integrate them within the local landscape to create harmony between existing and new buildings and thereby preserve the local spirit and heritage. Our conversion schemes also allow us to preserve local history by redeveloping and repurposing existing buildings. Our sponsorship of Architectes des bâtiments de France (ANABF) aims to promote architectural, urban and landscape quality to the benefit of the public. Its many initiatives focus on the knowledge, protection, development and management of architectural, urban and landscape heritage, while working more broadly to improve quality of life and the environment. As part of its sponsorship, BNP Paribas Real Estate financially supports the La Pierre d'Angle magazine, which aims to improve the quality and knowledge of architecture and urban planning. 

BNP Paribas Real Estate is also a founding member and backer of La Fondation Palladio. This public interest foundation draws together all those involved in real estate and urban planning, working directly with the stakeholders who are or will be responsible for building the city of the future, by creating support tools for them.

1/ L’Association des Architectes-Ingénieurs et Ingénieurs-Architectes (AAIIA).
2/ Les Architectes des bâtiments de France (ANABF).
3/ La Fondation Palladio.

Education and Access to Culture, Because Young People Will Shape and Live in the City of the Future

Like our parent company, we are deeply committed to young people and tackling academic failure. In this context, we grant scholarships to students in higher education, particularly those at the Cité Universitaire de Paris, so that they can focus on their studies rather than on material constraints. 

As our business is real estate, we take a particular interest in students studying urban planning and architecture, as it is they who will be shaping and building the city of the future. Every year since 2007, BNP Paribas Real Estate has been inviting students in their 4th and 5th year of French architecture schools to compete for its Espoirs de l'Architecture (Budding Architects) prize. This initiative fits entirely within the company's CSR strategy and its sponsorship of architecture and young talent, by inspiring them to consider and raise their awareness of current architectural challenges, particularly in terms of sustainable development. The competition also aims to develop synergies between students and industry players, whether they are leading architects or real estate professionals.

BNP Paribas Real Estate also believes that education is also about knowledge and particularly access to culture, in which we invest in all its forms. As real estate professionals, we were an early signatory of the 1 building 1 work charter. By pledging to buy and install a work of art in each building we build or refurbish, we aim to bring art to all types of audiences while supporting the French art scene. In 2019, the 1 IMMEUBLE 1 OEUVRE club was created to support signatories of the charter in fulfilling their commitments and to promote their work. BNP Paribas Real Estate is a club administrator and sits on the board.

  • Cité universitaire de Paris.
  • Espoirs de l’architecture prize.
  • The 1 immeuble 1 œuvre charter.

Sustainable City and the Environment, Making Real Estate Projects More Responsible and Virtuous

By 2050, there will be 10 billion people on the planet, 80% of whom will live in cities. This demographic growth and urban population increase pose mounting challenges: environmental, health, social, economic, urban planning, etc. 

As a major player in European real estate, we work towards achieving a sustainable city through our businesses but also through our sponsorship and partnerships in favour of environmental protection and sustainable construction, such as that with the IFPEB, the French Institute for Building Performance. The Institute’s members discuss and share major trends with a view to preparing for all aspects of sustainable construction, through practical projects, studies, collaborative work and monitoring. The institute is a stakeholder in public policy frameworks and manages programmes related to the energy transition such as the CUBE 2020 and CUBE.S competitions.

We also have a partnership with Construction 21, which hosts the Green Solutions Awards, an international competition for exemplary projects to inspire professionals around the world in their future building, eco-district and infrastructure projects. It also aims to help keep global warming below 2°C, to develop innovative solutions and to raise awareness of them among as many people as possible.

One solution that would make construction greener would be the large-scale use of green building strip-outs and the circular economy in real estate projects. This is why BNP Paribas Real Estate is involved in the Booster du Réemploi (Boosting recycling) initiative. This collective (not a legal entity) of clients (lead contractors, project managers, general contractors) has come together to encourage the widespread use of reusable materials by structuring and aggregating demand. The principle of Booster du Réemploi is to create a dynamic service that facilitates the online placement and ordering of reusable materials for members. The lead contractors involved fund the Booster du Réemploi project and have even committed to sourcing reused materials from dismantled buildings. Projects undertaken by BNP Paribas Real Estate in 2020: 

  • Métropolitan Square in Lille (87,000m² offices, housing, retail) 
  • 17&CO Paris (18,000 m² offices, youth hostel) 
  • Tribéca in Bordeaux 3,000m² (conference and exhibition centre) 
  • Boulevard des Dames Marseille (10,000 m² hotel, offices) 
  • Gagarine in Romainville (98 homes in 2 phases), 
  • Zellige in Rueil Malmaison 13,500 m² of offices 

1/ Institut Français pour la Performance du Bâtiment.
2/ Construction 21.
3/ Booster du Réemploi.

Health and Solidarity, Creating Positive Impact

Solidarity, taking care of each other and fostering team spirit are all core values that BNP Paribas Real Estate holds dear. Our company encourages and champions solidarity, mutual aid and team spirit to ensure the success of its activities. Our sponsorships and partnerships encompass many projects that illustrate these core values for a more caring and respectful society, both internally and externally.

Once again, this is reflected in projects at the heart of BNP Paribas Real Estate's business, real estate, and more specifically housing quality thanks to our support of the QUALITEL association. QUALITEL was created in 1974 by the State Secretariat for Housing to promote housing quality. It fulfils its role by providing information to the general public, housing certification, research, appraisal and expertise as well as professional training. Qualitel's role is to inform the general public, to certify and appraise housing, to train professionals, and to conduct research into improving quality for comfortable, healthy, safe and sustainable housing.

We also support inclusive associations working for better quality of life and well-being, and involve our staff in our approach, particularly through our partnership since 2014 with the not-for-profit MicroDON. This subsidiary of KissKissBankBank & Co provides innovative solutions to make it easier for people to get involved and work together for the common good. Since 2014, BNP Paribas Real Estate given its staff in France the opportunity to donate the spare cents of their net monthly salary to an association, via its Microdon platform. Two associations are being supported: Etoile de Martin, which fights against paediatric cancers, and Habitat et Humanisme, which helps to house and integrate people in difficulty. BNP Paribas Real Estate matches each cent donated by employees. 

With the company's Sustainable Development/CSR and Human Resources Departments, we support various causes related to healthcare, medical research, education and therapeutic support by giving staff the opportunity to take part in Solidarity Races, with many taking part from as far back as 2016. In France, they regularly take part in the following races: 

  • Special Olympics: race to help people living with a mental disability to flourish through sport. 
  • Foulées de l’Immobilier: charitable race bringing together students and real estate players. 
  • Challenge connecté et Solidaire: each year, in partnership with United Heroes, BNP Paribas Real Estate organises a sports challenge in aid of charities working for solidarity or the environment. 
  • Solirun: race in aid of Habitat et Humanisme, which helps to house and integrate people in difficulty. 
  • Imagine for Margo: a race to raise funds for a children's cancer charity 

1/ Fondation QUALITEL. 
2/ MicroDON.
3/ Courses solidaires.

Impact through Sport

We firmly believe that sport promotes social inclusion, and we support all the values it represents and conveys, such as solidarity, tolerance, team spirit, the pursuit of achievement, loyalty, respect and fraternity. For many years, we have therefore supported sports clubs.

The Club Étoile is a magnificent example. It aims is to become a top club in the Paris region and one of the top three clubs in France. Its goal is for its swimmers to compete at the highest international level, with Paris 2024 as its culmination. This project was created based on three pillars :

  • Schooling: Club Etoiles believes that high-level sport should not be incompatible with an education and career; it is therefore a dual project, so that children and parents do not have to choose between sport and studies. 
  • Accommodation: a partnership has been forged with Cité U in Nanterre to house young hopefuls who are part of the Paris 2024 campaign and who have no accommodation near their training or school premises. 
  • Welfare arm: Étoiles seeks to organise learning to swim initiatives in disadvantaged neighbourhoods and rural areas with the help of a high-level team.

Consistent with our commitment to inclusion, the Nanterre Basketball Club helps to train young people in their neighbourhoods and towns, instilling a sense of rigour, healthy living and team spirit. Thanks to this mindset, Nanterre 92 balances leisure with high-level performance. Nanterre 92 has managed to preserve its human values and identity over the years, giving it a degree of stability. 

And because we believe in helping to develop women's professional sport, which is still unjustly neglected, we support Les Lionnes of Paris 92, the women's handball club. Paris 92 is a French women's handball club based in Issy-les-Moulineaux (Hauts-de-Seine) that has been competing in the French Championship since the 2010-2011 season. Central to the Paris 92 sports project, the training centre for young players is organised around the so-called dual project system: this system enables each young sportswoman to both compete at a high level and study. Once the young players sign professional contracts, the club continues to support them in finding training and/or retraining opportunities.

1/ Club Etoiles.
2/ Basket Nanterre.
3/ Women’s Handball ISSY-LES-MOULINEAUX / Les Lionnes du Paris 92.

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