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Economics of the Build-to-Rent sector in Europe - April 2022


THE BUILD-TO-RENT SECTOR is an extension of the PRS sector as European housing markets have become institutionalised amid a lack of housing supply. This sector is emerging in a context of economic slowdown, expansionary monetary policy, convergence of real estate performances and a rise of rental tenure choice owing to the increase in house prices.

THERE IS NO STANDARDISED BUILD-TO-RENT PRODUCT ACROSS EUROPE. Models are idiosyncratic and vary considerably because they must meet local needs and regulations. However, there are some common characteristics such as the use of durable materials to absorb turnover and secure a long-term and sustainable investment. Build-to-Rent assets can include amenities, shared living spaces and services as parking (car or soft mobility transport), lounges, gym, cinema, swimming pool, coworking, concierge services, and nursery. The asset is designed and built to be liquid, to attract good quality tenants by meeting their needs.


Economics of the BTR sector in Europe - April 2022
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