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Delivering well-being at work


In an era of outperformance and accelerating technological change, companies invest in workplace well-being to reduce the costs of inappropriate management policies, and above all to speed staff development.

The idea of workplace well-being is central, because companies can see the relationship between the perceived wellbeing, motivation and commitment of their employees. Improving wellbeing, and the things that go with it, such as the capacity to collaborate, innovate and be open to change, are ways to increase productivity. That’s why our trade, property management, has to reinvent itself to cater to these new company strategies. For companies, ensuring employee well-being is an important way to reduce costs arising from absenteeism and staff turn-over, and a valuable tool for attracting talent.

Csongor Csukas
Executive Director International Property Management BNP Paribas Real Estate

Role up

On a day-to-day basis, property management serves the needs of the occupier, but more widely, it benefits the community of interest comprising investor, occupier and the people who work in a given building. Property managers can ensure wellbeing is in place by providing services and using data captured during their operation to continuously improved them. “Because workplace wellbeing is a matter of personal perception, you have to think about the needs of each individual. So data generated by new technologies are a valuable tool that helps us provide the right solutions quickly,” says Csongor Csukas. Accessing and analysing user data is essential to enable us to organise the best range of services.

Good for all

Meeting the changing needs of office workers is a big challenge for us. “Setting up and staffing services, and ensuring they meet needs and create a bond with customers is already central to marketing by shopping centers and hotels,” says Csongor Csukas. “Now Hospitality Management is becoming part of the services we are developing throughout Europe.”

Of course, this has costs, but they need to be weighed against the benefits they bring to all involved: enhanced value and loyalty for the property investor, greater attractiveness for the occupier and increased comfort and commitment among employees. Well-being is the glue holding together the common interests that all recognise.

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