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COVID-19 & Teleworking - July 2020


How may the global pandemic affect the office market?

The outbreak of the pandemic has imposed a mass telecommuting experiment by companies on their employees everywhere around the world. Over the short term, office markets are on hold and prompting rethinking about how the future office will work.


The pandemic is a significant boost to teleworking

March 2020 saw almost all countries imposing strong sanitary measures on their population, including lockdowns that have led to the NEED FOR QUICK ADJUSTMENTS by companies in the organization of work. Teleworking accelerated significantly during the lockdown to ensure continuity in economic activity, even in countries where it was uncommon such as in Asia. TELEWORKING (A.K.A. TELECOMMUTING OR REMOTE WORK) IS THE PRACTICE OF WORKING WITHOUT A FIXED LOCATION. Usually this is outside the office and often (but not necessarily) from home.


COVID-19 & Teleworking - July 2020
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