Providing tailored advice for your real estate strategy

Your aim:

make complex property decisions to support your core business

Whether you are a private owner, investor/developer, public sector or private individual, real estate strategies are increasingly global and your needs may vary from one country to another. We can give  you  advice and  practical support  to meet  your business needs:

  • Develop your real estate strategy
  • Enhance the value of your estate
  • Maximise value through property intelligence
  • Develop the right strategy for your portfolio
  • Support your business with effective lease management
  • Manage your costs
  • Support your strategy with market evidence
  • Assess the viability and feasibility of your strategy
  • Make informed decisions


Tailor made solutions  

We can help you create value either directly via operational cost savings or by increasing the value of your real estate assets. 

We will take into account your current and future needs,  the strategic and financial implications of your project, as well as the assessment of human, technical, design and build issues.

We can advise on one-off projects or more complex cross border strategies to enable you to find the right solutions for your operational objectives.


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Interview with Erik Drukker 

How do clients benefit from cooperation with us ?

Erik Drukker :

As a team of professionals, we understand and anticipate our clients’ needs and we help them develop and execute their business strategies.

By utilising our knowledge of transaction management and lease negotiation skills we maximize the benefits to our clients allowing them to focus on their core business whilst industry experts take care of their real estate.

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We maximize the benefits to our clients.

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We also increase clients’ portfolio performance through better understanding of the real estate related processes and lease management. Thanks to a proper understanding of clients’ working practices, we identify and execute smart occupier solutions which result in a re duction of rental and operational costs.

Erik Druker

Erik Drukker
Managing Director Agency and Valuation
Central & Eastern Europe
BNP Paribas Real Estate

What can we expect in 2016 ?

E. D. :

In 2015, we managed to increase the income of the Advisory business line in CEE region by 80%. This year, we are consistently strengthening our advisory services by extending the team of experts who combine a blend of global and local skills. I am convinced we will succeed thanks to the contribution of our team, all inclusive approach and a vibrant market. We will widen the scope of our comprehensive services in Czech Republic and Romania while strengthening our position in Poland.

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Hasse Sylvain

Sylvain Hasse
Head of
Corporate Coverage