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Investing in Europe

BNP Paribas Real Estate experts guide you with your real estate investment projects in Europe.

Our relationships in the property market give you access to on and off market investment opportunities and assets under development. Having full access to a comprehensive international investment pipeline and the knowledge, whenever an asset is sold outside of your domestic market, the International Investment Group offers you tailor-made foreign real estate products with one dedicated contact person. The most profitable European countries for your investments :


Investing in France

Investing Guide France | BNP Paribas Real Estate"Paris is the largest office market in Europe, and a world capital for tourism. Discover the Paris hotspots and how BNPPRE teams can help you to invest in the city.”



Investing in the UK

Investing Guide UK | BNP Paribas Real Estate“London is a capital place for investors, discover how the city could be the place for your future investments !”



Investing in Germany

Investing Guide Germany | BNP Paribas Real Estate“Germany is the dominant real estate investment market in Western Europe with a growing market share of more than 22%. Discover the strengths of this market for your future investments in Europe!”                           

Investing in Spain

Investing Guide Spain | BNP Paribas Real Estate“With capital values for all types of assets, and price of land at the lowest level in last years, Spain is a land of opportunity. Discover why you should invest in this country!”

Investing in Italy

Investing Guide Italy | BNP Paribas Real Estate"With a diversified economy and a healthy banking sector, Italy is a prime location for Investors. Discover why you should not miss it!"


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Investing in Ireland

Investing Guide Ireland | BNP Paribas Real Estate“Ireland is a real opportunity to International Investments as the real estate market starts to recover. Discover why you should invest in this country!"

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 Investing in Luxembourg

Investing Guide Luxembourg | BNP Paribas Real Estate“With a large number of assets of all type, Luxembourg is a land of opportunity. Discover how it could be the place for your future investments.”


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Investing in Romania

Investing Guide Romania | BNP Paribas Real Estate"With the help of this guide we want to show that Romania is a land of opportunities when it comes to investing in real estate."


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 Investing in Czech Republic

Investing Guide Czech Republic | BNP Paribas Real Estate"With the highest GDP per capita (€14,600 in 2012) in the CEE region, the country a strong economic player."



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 Investing in Poland

Investing Guide Poland | BNP Paribas Real EstateInternational players from the business area highlight Poland’s economic and political stability. Discover why you should invest in this country!"

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Investing in Hungary

Investing Guide Hungary | BNP Paribas Real Estate“Hungary showed the sign of an upward economic trend in 2013. In the last year the most important economic indicators reflected a growing trend.”


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