Promoting Diversity, equal opportunities and employability of our teams


Diverse teams, a main asset


  • We promote diversity in our own recruitment procedures and ask our partners to avoid discrimination when hiring their own employees
  • We embrace and promote difference within the company
  • Train employees to leverage diversity and thereby facilitate teamwork
  • We implement tailored career development support
  • We subsidise accommodation for deserving young grant-winning students and support them as they enter the workforce
  • We have forged close ties with various selected universities and higher education establishments; and much more.

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Enhancing and developing their employability

We want to increase and develop the employability of our co-workers to match the future needs of the business.
Therefore, overseeing and tailoring training to your specific requirements is a key priority for us, as we want to retain your skills.
This is insured in three ways :

  • Career Development
  • Mobility
  • Training and overall skills development

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We ensure a fair remuneration system based on performance

BNP Paribas Real Estate recognises the value of individual performance and rewards it in various ways: individual pay rises, bonus payments, variable objective-related remuneration, etc. The value of collective performance is also recognised and rewarded by profit-sharing and bonus payments that relate to company performance. All employees and their families are protected by a complementary health insurance and employee benefit scheme. Within BNP Paribas Real Estate, remuneration is transparent: employees are provided with all the necessary information to understand each component of their remuneration.

At BNP Paribas Real Estae, we also encourage all our employees to develop their entrepreneurial spirit by rewarding those who innovate.

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La charte RSE des Fournisseurs

La charte RSE des Fournisseurs En tant que société du Groupe BNP Paribas, nous appliquons pour les activités liées à notre fonctionnement la Charte RSE des Fournisseurs qui reprend les engagements attendus des Fournisseurs par les entreprises du Groupe en matière de RSE.

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