Reducing the direct and indirect environmental impacts of our activities


The "Green Site" charter


It has been followed since 2005 on all our property development construction sites so as to:

  • reduce the environmental impact (pollution and adverse effects);
  • optimise site waste management (systematic waste sorting, recycling and inspection);
  • ensure both local residents and site staff are kept informed;
  • make certain that all necessary resources are employed to this end.

Innovative and sustainable answers to your projects

We aspire to deliver innovative and sustainable project solutions. Since 2004, the first ""Habitat et Environnement"" (Home and Environment) certification was obtained in the Paris region by a private housing developer, BNP Paribas Real Estate Residential has always remained at the leading edge of sustainability. As part of this approach, the company has committed to achieving certification for every property we produce.

La charte RSE des Fournisseurs

La charte RSE des Fournisseurs En tant que société du Groupe BNP Paribas, nous appliquons pour les activités liées à notre fonctionnement la Charte RSE des Fournisseurs qui reprend les engagements attendus des Fournisseurs par les entreprises du Groupe en matière de RSE.

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