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Stuttgart is known to be one of the most important economical location of Germany, this has been made possible by the German firms from the automotive and engineering industry.


This Dynamic economical context attracted many startups which now fuel the economic power, and have made Stuttgart a true digital hub. Now, the city is an innovation nest, wich is one of the digital transformation engines of Germany. Thanks to the know-how concentrated in the city, Stuttgart is now able to face big challenges such as the airport that should be completely climate neutral by 2050.

  • As an example of a modern city in Europe, how will Stuttgart reconcile its prosperity with environmental challenges?
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Stuttgart Smart Metropolis

The Smart Metropoles collection invites you to view European metropolitan centres that are part of our dynamic future through the prism of the Smart City. Economy, mobility, lifestyles, population and the environment are considered, as well as future major urban projects that will shape the cities of tomorrow