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Investment management strategies to control your risk and increase your returns

Your aim: diversify and develop your real estate portfolio 

Whether you are an institutional or private investor our Investment Management team offers you a range of real estate pooled funds and tailor made investment solutions.  We aim for a high level of  diversification in real estate investments in order to manage risk.

We will provide support for all your needs:

  • Invest in real estate funds
  • Look for investment recommendations on real estate assets or real estate vehicles
  • Define your investment strategy
  • Diversify your existing portfolio with long term real estate investment vehicles
  • Optimise your property value and stream of revenues
  • Receive support in structuring and manage your vehicle
  • Find investment partners
  • Look for accurate and pertinent real estate market data to support your decisions
  • Identify medium term market opportunities and long term trends
  • Be fully supported in all your real estate investment decisions



Our bespoke solutions  

Our specialists, supported by economists within the group, and the in-depth analysis of real estate markets from our Research department, select, coordinate and manage a wide range of assets. They identify real estate market opportunities and trends in order to offer you access to innovative deals and solutions.

Our recommendations will take into account your objectives in terms of yields, capital gains, diversification, geographical criteria, asset type and type of management (discretionary and non-discretionary).

We will work according to your needs to design and manage  real estate investment vehicles to capitalise on  market opportunities.


Key figures 

Investment Management

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Interview with Barbara A. Knoflach 

European opportunities in 2016 ?

Barbara A. Knoflach :

Europe continues to be extremely active as real estate still offers relatively attractive income returns and a growing possibility of rental growth. Asia is slowing and has its own issues to solve. The US market is growing nicely but is more advanced in the cycle than Europe.

For Europe, the timing is therefore perfect and 2016 will be a strong investment year. Interest rates remain low, growth is robust and real estate fundamentals are good,

top exergue

2016 will be a strong investment year.

Bottom Exergue

leading to strong demand for good quality properties. UK, Germany and France are the core European markets, with promise in Italy and in the Netherlands. Questions remain for Eastern Europe.

What are investors’ expectations ?

B. A. K. :

Competition for low risk investments is intense among investors, while regulations force them to manage investments tightly. Yield expectations in the core segment are low.

barbara knoflach

Barbara A. Knoflach
Deputy Chief Executive
BNP Paribas Real Estate
In charge of Investment Management

Therefore, investors are increasingly evaluating value-add investments. Geographical diversification is another big trend as institutional investors are usually mostly invested in their home market.

What is your strategy for 2016 ?

B. A. K. :

Investment management boomed in 2015 with €22bn in assets under management and a transaction volume of €2.7bn. The plan for 2016 is to expand our pan-European offering. BNP Paribas Real Estate has one of the best networks in Europe, allowing us to deliver best-in-class results throughout the value creation chain.


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Barbara A. Knoflach

Barbara Knoflach
Deputy Chief Executive
in charge of Investment
Investment Management