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Helping you achieve time efficient transactions

Your aim: finding a property to lease, buy or sell worldwide 

Whether you are an occupier, investor/developer, public sector or private individual, we can assist you in your commercial or residential real estate projects:  

  • Relocate for organisational reasons
  • Find a suitable site for your business
  • Sell some of your assets or an entire  portfolio
  • Identify new investment opportunities
  • Look for cost optimisation in your portfolio
  • Increase the commercial value of your property assets
  • Look for a new home


Bespoke solutions   

Our specialist teams cover the different sectors of the property market and have the expertise to help you to find the most suitable products.

We can give you transactional advice throughout our office network spanning Europe, the Middle East and India, and globally through our network of alliance partners.

Our comprehensive coverage, the quality of our property databases and the expertise of our transactional teams will help you find the right opportunities for your business.  

We can help you let, sell or invest in all types of property, including:

  • Offices
  • Industrial sites
  • Logistics
  • Business parks
  • Retail and shopping centres
  • Hotels
  • Land
  • Residential real estate


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Interview with Fiona Hamilton 

What are the philosophy and drivers behind the International Retail Group ?

Fiona Hamilton :

The future is not what it used to be, in our retail landscape. In these unprecedented times where consumers are more demanding and retailer competition is evolving in both the physical and virtual world, brands are now required to develop a deeper and emotional connection to the consumer and transactions.

Times are changing. On a global basis the consumer is directing retailing. There has been a shift from buying and selling to integration. Retailing is no longer just about delivering stores if a brand is to be succeed.

top exergue

There has been a shift from buying and selling to integration.

Bottom Exergue

At the International Retail Division, we recognize today’s changing retail environment is equally about social connection, interaction and providing an experience.

How do clients benefit from cooperation with us ?

F. H. :

Real Estate today needs to understand digital to deliver the best in physical. We work closely with brands and companies that progress traditional drivers, yet embrace customisation experience; together we are learning and growing in these exciting times. We are here to fuel the growth of your retail brand and strategy, offering bespoke solutions that give genuine competitive advantage.

fiona hamilton

Fiona Hamilton
Global Head of Retail for International Brands
International Investment Group
BNP Paribas Real Estate

We understand the need to adapt and are constantly reviewing for our clients, changing business models and retail solutions through deep retail insight, local market intelligence and International reach. Our EMEA Team delivers to Retailers and Investor clients a joined up and seamless approach across 36 countries. We offer a full range of Retailer Services and Consultancy, including development through to leasing, management and analytical & strategic research, as well as investment and portfolio management, in both out-of-town and downtown. In addition, we have introduced new Teams including Infrastructure, Transport Hubs and Airports to meet with our client’s changing requirements and needs.

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Boucher Laurent

Laurent Boucher
CEO Advisory France
Letting & sales
+331 47 59 17 21


Bienkowski Piotr

Piotr Bienkowski
CEO Advisory Germany
Letting & sales


Slade John

John Slade
CEO Advisory United Kingdom
Letting & sales


Le Roux Aymeric

Aymeric Le Roux
Executive Director International Advisory & Alliances
Letting & sales
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